“In my recent trip to Spain I’ve tested the Sony RX-1, Spain is an amazing place for photography, there’s always something going on the streets.

The RX1 is a very interesting small size wide-angle fixed lens camera, actually the total opposite of a what a studio photographer uses, I’m so used to big heavy cameras and having a choice of a wide choice of lenses.

For me was very cool been able to carry a full frame camera everywhere, I was “loaded” all the time and working with only one lens only was fun and challenging, I was forced to work with a much wider angle and include more of the surroundings, actually the human form (what is my main subject in my beauty and fashion work) became secondary but not less important because you always need it to tell the story.

I was really impressed with how easy and fast I was able to shoot, “real” under/over exposure button next to your thumb and aperture ring that you can change your f/stop without going through 3-4 menus was very refreshing, battery life was pretty good, the only wish I had was a little more grip, I even purchased the thumb grip accessory which helps but it comes out of the body very often, you need to be careful otherwise you’ll loose it.

The 2.0 Zeiss lens is amazing I love the shallow depth of field and the macro mode come very handy too. The picture effects are great, many different looks – warm toy and high contrast black + white are my favorites, overall I really enjoyed the RX-1 the best portable camera I ever used and for sure will be always in my back-pack.”

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