Such an honor to be recognized as one of the top “200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide” 
I’ve been included in the exclusive 2020/2021 chapter of “200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide”. Compiled biannually by the highly esteemed Lürzer’s Archive magazine, founded in 1984, the ninth edition of the “200 Best Ad Photographers” Worldwide will aggregate Lima’s award winning series “Unusual Beauty”.

Focusing on birth marks and rare skin conditions, such as Congenital melanocytic nevi, or CMN, visibly pigmented skin proliferations, and Vitiligo, discolorations of the skin caused by depigmentation, Lima’s Unusual Beauty photography was designed to raise awareness about vitiligo and nevus by aiming to prove that beauty is more than skin deep. He is humbly proud that a personal project has received such recognition.