Award-winning Los Angeles-based advertising beauty and fashion photographer Caesar Lima has started his biggest project ever. “For the last couple of years the cameras have gotten smaller, and since I always carry at least a couple in my back pack, I thought why not challenge myself to shoot something visually significant every day,” says Lima. Project 365 is one shot every day that will capture and document all that is important to him. Lima considers this project as “lab work,” using smaller mirrorless cameras and shooting with available light. The imagery may be anything from fashion to a street scene or even an object as a toy. He would like to do an exhibition in January 2016 with some of his favorites. Right now you can see some his images from Project 365 here. Lima promises that Project 365 will be visually interesting. We can attest to that already. See more of Lima’s fashion, beauty and personal work at his site, – See more at:

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